Council Activities in 2016:

The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization to promote the social welfare of Cobb County residents age 55 and older. We provide a forum and support for age related community issues and encourage seniors to stay active and involved in the community

Our goals include:

(1) Help develop and maintain constant contact with activities of individuals and organizations concerned with the welfare of senior citizens of Cobb County.

(2) Develop community programs and activities for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of the senior citizens of Cobb County.

(3) Work with government agencies, education programs, and social and civic organizations to advocate and improve the general wellbeing of the senior citizens.

In 2016 the Council sponsored many senior-related projects which are listed below as well as many activities at each of the Cobb County Senior Centers.

  • The Council continues to support and expand the Vials for LIFE program which provides seniors a way to save vital medical information in one readily available spot which will alert an EMT’s as to where the information can be found. This program is supported by the Cobb County trained EMT organization. The Senior Council has distributed about 1700 Vials of LIFE this year through The Bulletin, senior fairs, Sunday Schools and Association meetings. We will continue to expand this program in 2017.
  • The Council Board is working with the Atlanta Regional and the Georgia Coalition on Aging whose legislative priorities include: transportation for seniors, elder abuse issues, additional funding for SNAP, computer training for seniors, homecare funding, keeping food items sales tax free, seeking approval for dental hygienists to provide oral care at nursing homes and develop a data base to check criminal charges before hiring caretakers. We have helped prioritized legislative priorities for 2017 including a major state initiative for better transportation for Seniors in the State of Georgia.
  • The Senior Citizen Council also funds gerontology scholarships at KSU. Scholarships will provide financial assistance to up to 4 students enrolled in the classroom-based Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate Program at the College of Continuing and Professional Education, CCPE.
  • Every year the council gives a donation to the Cobb County Meals on Wheels as well as Christmas 365.
  • The Council partnered with AARP to provide Cobb Seniors classes on the new smartphone and tablet technology. We had morning and afternoon sessions at each of the Cobb County Senior Centers.
  • The Senior Council gives awards to local people in the community each year that provide "Outstanding Service to Seniors”.
  • The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County in conjunction with Common Courtesy Rides is sponsoring door to door rides for our members. This personal ride service will pick up our members from any location in Cobb County and take them up to 15 miles for $2.00 per person per ride. There can be up to 3 people per car and there is a nominal charge for more than 15 miles. Riders are limited to 2 round trip rides per week. There is no charge for accompanying children. More information about this exciting program can be found at The program continues to grow with additional marketing and communications support for program launch and translation materials into Spanish to expand reach & use among Hispanic Seniors.
  • The Senior Council Board of Directors expanded our social media presence on Facebook and a new web site to give our members more ways to learn about programs. The web site not only gives members information on programs and activities but provides an easy way for new members to join the Council and pay dues without writing checks and mailing them in to the Council. The web site address is
  • The Senior Council supported the third annual senior summit, called Aging by Design on Saturday April 30th at Roswell Street Baptist church. This highly successful program provides much needed information to seniors in Cobb County and we will support the next Aging by Design in 2017.
  • The Kennesaw Mountain Trails for Health grant with Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park program was a big success with 243 participants. An average of 49 people per trip, many who had never visited a National Park before. Earth Works published an article in their monthly magazine highlighting this event for seniors. A grant was written for Kennesaw Mountain trail program that included six trips and one out of the six is called grandparents day.
  • A separate Grandparent’s Day was also a success in September. Grandparents could take their grandchildren on a guided hike through Kennesaw Mountain.
  • The Council held the first annual Arts and Crafts Extravaganza on November 11th and 12th. It was a great success about one hundred people attending and 30 vendors selling a variety of goods. The plan is to expand to have this event again next year.