About Us.


The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb is a non-profit 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization established in 1973 to promote the common good and general welfare of adults over 55 years of age living in Cobb County, Georgia. We focus on providing information, programs and activities designed to inform seniors on issues and events important to our members. The Senior Council also develops and maintains relationships with people and organizations whose missions align with our own to benefit aging adults and seniors.

In 1973 the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County GA was formed. Many of the founding members were members of the Cobb business community. The mission of the Council was to unite the senior citizens of Cobb County GA and determine their needs. Senior Citizens members of the Marietta-Cobb Community Service Center, Marietta Parks and Recreation Department and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) combined to help the Council become a reality. Ideas and goals of existing senior citizen groups in the Metro Atlanta area were shared with the new Council. The Cobb County Commission donated space for the Council to meet in the Civic Center.

A Senior Citizens Discount Card was the Council’s first major project. This was not only a bonus for Cobb County Seniors but helped the merchants of Cobb County become aware of the needs of senior citizens. In recognition of “National Senior Citizen Month” The Council launched its “Annual May Senior Recognition Luncheon”

Among the early programs, projects and issues addressed by the Council were “Crime and the Elderly” an Advocacy Law Project; Senior Citizen I.D. cards; Fashion Shows; “Showcase of Talent”; E.L.M (Enrichment of Life Movement) program and “A Delegates Day in the Park” that addressed senior needs. The Council also worked with a group in the Georgia State Capital called The Silvered Haired Legislature to address legislative issues concerning aging.

The Senior Citizen Council along with other local organizations raised funds that enabled Cobb County to be the first county in the Metro Atlanta area to open a center dedicated for senior adult recreation and enrichment. Thus the Windy Hill Senior Center opened in 1987. The Council purchased furniture, fixtures, art work and other needed items to enhance the new center. The Windy Hill Center became the headquarters for the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County. The Council published the “BULLENTIN,” a monthly newspaper to disseminate information to Cobb seniors about issues and programs; and planned day trips to places of interest. The Council presently meets in the Senior Services Wellness Center in Marietta.

The Senior Citizen Council financially supports the Senior Services resource journal identifying senior resources in Cobb County; the Seniors Annual Bridge Tournament, the Senior Service Conference “Aging by Design”, Meals on Wheels, and Christmas 365.

We have continued to participate in the Vials of Life, a program that provides a kit so that first responders will have all the medical information they need to best treat a person when called to provide services. The Council also funds Gerontology scholarships at Kennesaw State University to assist up to four students enrolled in professional development gerontology certificated programs.

The Council produced a successful Art Extravaganza for senior to show and display their crafts, we had over 40 vendors. Council members also participated in Grandparents’ day and took their grandchildren on a guided tour of Kennesaw Mountain. In order to keep seniors abreast of their government workings, we held a series of forums at various Senior Service Centers inviting Cobb County Commissioners, elected officials and other government department heads.

The 21st century, produced new challenges for many seniors such as improved technology, Facebook, smartphones, texting, twitter and Instagram, etc. To this end; the Council setup an interactive website where seniors can get current information about the Senior Citizen Council’s activities including its bylaws and other documents and photos. They can join the Council; make suggestions and leave comments on the website: www.Seniorcitizencouncilofcobb.org The Council partnered with AARP to provide Cobb Seniors with classes on how to use new smartphones and technology at each of the Cobb County Senior Centers. We have encouraged our members to attend the Senior Services tech lab at the Wellness Center in Marietta, which demonstrates smart home products to make life more manageable for anyone with limitations due to aging or disability.

Among the organizations that the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County is a member of, are AARP, The Cobb Collaborative, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), and The Georgia Coalition on Aging. We work with these organizations to address issues such as: Elder Abuse; additional funding for SNAP; homecare funding; oral care at nursing homes, criminal database for healthcare providers;, health and safety issues, tax free food items; etc. and specifically we advocate for better transportation services for seniors in the State of Georgia.

To this end, the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County, GA launched its most ambitious program, “SeniorsGO”. A pilot program that provided door to door rides to our members for a nominal fee. It allowed members to be more independent; to go to medical appointments, visit family, attend religious services; engage in recreation and social activities and some even used “SeniorsGO” to go to the Senior Services Centers. The Council provided over 7,000 (seven thousands) rides to our members. We are NOW seeking funds to continue this much needed program.

We hope you will join us as we work for a better quality of life for all the seniors of Cobb County, GA.